Terms and Conditions

By using any GlennMC service you are agreeing to be bound to these terms and conditions, as well as all modifications/subtractions/additions both past, present and future. GlennMC reserves the right to refuse service to any user, at any without, with or without notice or reason as we see fit. If you do not agree to these terms, discontinue use of any and all GlennMC services immediately. GlennMC reserves the right to change these terms of service, with or out without notice, at any time, for any reason as it deems fit.

Ownership and Affiliation
Usage or participation of GlennMC services grants no ownership/rights to any property (intellectual or physical), brands, logos, services, or any other product unless specifically granted access that is recorded by an authorized representative appointed by GlennMC and is documented and signed in writing. Usage of any brand, trademarks, logos, services, or other property is strictly forbidden by law unless authorized and signed in writing prior to usage.

Refunds and our Store
By making a purchase through the GlennMC Store you are agreeing that you are either 18 years of age or have the consent of a parent/guardian who is at least 18 years of age and that all donations and purchases that are made to the GlennMC Network are 100% non-refundable

The website administration has the right to warn, ban and ban ips of any account for any reason with or without notice. The website administration has the right to terminate your account at any time, delete any content you have posted, and your IP Address and any data you input to the website is recorded to assist the site staff with their moderation duties. Your IPs are not shown to any staff member except website administration. The website administration has the right to change these terms and conditions, and any site rules, at any point with or without warning. Whilst you may be informed of any changes, it is your responsibility to check these terms and the rules at any point. You agree to be bound by our website rules and any laws which may apply to this website and your participation.

Privacy Policy
You can read our privacy policy here.
- DieselJS
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