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KitPvP - Coming Soon!
Started by DieselJS

GlennMC KitPvP - Coming Soon!

We are super excited about our upcoming 1.8 based KitPvP server! If you want to help us out and become a beta tester, join our Discord server and query an admin. But our current beta testers and staff are loving it and they can't wait for the server release.

We are planning to have the ability to pick between different kits, you would also be able to get more kits by simply purchasing a rank on! (Store and packages are still a work in progress but you can secure your rank and your perks will be added as soon as possible to the rank). Everybody will have access to the starter kit "Souper", as the name implies, you're gonna be getting a bit of soup. We have a small map with little hiding places, perfect for whacking your sword at other players with the PvP combat of 1.8 servers. (You must be on a 1.8 client for the effects to work correctly)

Some features of our KitPvP server is our scoreboard which keeps track of many things like your kills, deaths, KD and killstreak. Got a good kill streak going? Well, the entire server knows about it 👀 with our titles system! If KitPvP goes well, we would be more than happy to add cool features and even more kits to slay your enemies.

There isn't much else I could say about this exciting server release, we don't even have an expected date! Just keep lurking the forums and our Discord server for sneak peeks of upcoming game modes like KitPvP!

Hope you all are as excited as we are for this release. We will provide more information closer to the actual server's release. Again, if you want early access to the server to try it out, shoot us a DM on Discord and we might let you in :)

- Thanks, DieselJS

9 months ago

Let me just say... you'll enjoy KitPvP. We've spent about 3-4 days working on it.

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9 months ago