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KitPvP - Coming Soon!

GlennMC KitPvP - Coming Soon!

We are super excited about our upcoming 1.8 based KitPvP server! If you want to help us out and become a beta tester, join our Discord server and query an admin. But our current beta testers and staff are loving it and they can't wait for the server release.

We are planning to have the ability to pick between different kits, you would also be able to get more kits by simply purchasing a rank on

Server Released - May 1st

Official Server Release

The server has finally been released today! We launched SMP today on May 1st 2020 at 7PM BST.

While we are still working on our next game mode, hopefully KitPvP, you can now play on SMP. We hope to finish and release KitPvP in the very near future.


You can also apply for staff in our Staff Application page!

Donator ranks will also be finished and released shortly 👀


Please bare with us as this is our initial release so bugs may be found. If you find some bugs, let us...

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